Why Aren’t You More Valuable?

Wisconsin Entrepreneurs Benefit From Partnerships With FastQuotes

Sales people and installers deserve a gold medal 🏅 for continuing on with the excellent work they do. So why do most sales and skilled labor professionals feel underpaid and less valuable in 2017?

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FastQuotes™ Employment Opportunities Are Working To Create Independent Contractors and Franchise Owners in Wisconsin.

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Example Responsibilities:

Order sample/sales kits and partner with distributors
Import distributor details into business directoryFastQuotes Employment Opportunities Are Working For Independent Contractors and Franchise Owners in Wisconsin.
Use and establish internal communication channels
Create or study training materials for sales team and installers team
Recruit additional sales team and installers
Ramp up on exposure through houzz, Social Media, fixr, go smith, flyers and word of mouth then expand broadcast to channels of media, billboard and radio.
estimate manpower, material cost, design/functionality and executive team
Track external commercial spaces, urban and suburban developments.
Befriend real estate brokers and retired developers.
Canvass and direct sell home remodeling jobs
Negotiate Terms of Contract

We aim to make sales associate valuable by providing a higher degree of education and responsibility for additional income potential.

Versatile associates have interests in:
fitness, skilled labor, stock, personal branding, travel/thrill, web development, media content/film, public speaking, photography, writing, Book publishing, App development,Landing pages, Software development, Blog Life, promotion, business, coaching, construction and contracting, consulting, free lance writing, executive recruiting, grant writing, green business, import -export, information marketing, online education, personal training, self-publishing, seminar production, travel, writing, story telling, research, program planning, evaluation, Internet marketing, interviewing, public relations, budgeting, TrendSpotting, Social architecture, Multi-passionate entrepreneurism, fundraising, sales, vocational indicators… photographer
marketing, advertisement, opening markets in a new countries/ legislation / research, starting a company, Hedge Funds, Venture capitalism, Finances, Investments, Philanthropy.