Is Quality Compromised by Re-facing Your Kitchen Cabinets?

Is Quality Compromised by Re-facing Your Kitchen Cabinets?

Of course, re-facing is less expensive than replacing cabinets – but it is usually not recommended to do it yourself (DIY). If you are planning to replace doors and drawer fronts you’ll also need to replace the front face of the cabinet frame to make sure the doors and visible parts of the cabinet match. Re-facing the frame is where DIY problems usually occur. If the laminate shifts or peels away, an unattractive seam shows. This is the most typical complaint among do it your-selfer's aside from moulding.

One reason to re-face is cost. The most expensive part – about 70% of a cabinet’s cost – is the door. Consider this, if you are already paying for most visible part of the cabinet, why replace your hardwood cabinets and pay extra for particle board replacements? 

There are many options available in cabinets for every budget. If you are already committed to spending time, money and effort on remodeling, consider the value and enjoyment you’ll gain by opting for brand new appliances, tile work and add-ons opposed to an unnecessary cost of replacing the whole cabinet. 

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